M1866(?) Egyptian Snider(?):

GENERALLY:  It looks to me like a British P53 Snider conversion with Egyptian markings like those seen on the M1868 Egypian Remington

PHOTO:  The photos above depict what I believe to be a cut-down Pattern 1853 type Snider action rifle shortened to carbine length and smooth-bored for Egyptian Police use.  See letter below:

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  British Snider pattern with Egyptian markings.

MISC NOTES:  I received the photos on the supplemental  page, (More M1866? Egyptian Snider)  from a visitor to the site and I am more convinced that these rifles (carbines at least) are Egyptian Sniders, but so far no information on their manufacture.

FURTHER READINGS:  I wish that I knew!  If you can help me with anything in writing I would sincerely appreciate it!

I also received and exchanged the below correspondence:

Subj: Re: Egyptian Snider
Date: 01-01-00 01:48:03 EST
From: jim@wavestudios.com
To:  KeithDoyon@MilitaryRifles(.)com

Yours is a Police Carbine, altered in Cairo from a rifle and smooth bored.  The lock plate markings are E P (for Egyptian Police) above the date in Arabic.

Subj: Re: Egyptian Snider
Date: 01-01-07 01:48:03 EST
From: KeithDoyon
To: jim@wavestudios.com

The alteration from rifle to smooth bore carbine makes sense, but why would an Egyptian, with a rifle covered in Farsi, or other Egyptian writing, stamp "Egyptian Police" in English on their firearms?
I don't think so, but I admit to no better suggestion at the moment.

Subj:  RE: Egyptian Snider
Date: 01-01-08 09:32:19 EST
From: jim@acp-web.com (Jim Hughes)
To: KeithDoyon@MilitaryRifles(.)com ('KeithDoyon@MilitaryRifles(.)com')

Because at the time all of this was done, Egypt was a British Protectorate and the high police officials were all British, ergo, as in India, English became the "official" language.  Because many uneducated people who can not read, can read numbers, the date was in Arabic.
Besides, I know the importer who bought these from the Egyptian Police about 1968...
Best regards,

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see for example M1868 Egyptian Remington






        More M1866? Egyptian Snider Photos (2nd example)


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