M1868 Liege built Egyptian Remington Rolling Block:

Some Egyptian marked rolling blocks carry no Remington markings but are proofed with the additional marks of E&L Nagant and other syndicate manufacturers of Liege. It appears that the "petit syndicate (Ancion & Co., Dresse-Laloux & Co., Auguste Francotte and  Pirlot-Fresart & Co., and possibly also Glivet) had been granted a license to manufacture Remingtons and did so on conract to Egypt, as well as having built the Papal States' Remington Ponteficio and I believe the Luxumburg Remington model as well.  The Liege syndicate also built Remington Rolling Block pattern rifles for other countries including South America.  See for example the M1870 Uruguayan Remington Rolling Block and the M1866/75 Argentine Rolling Block.


    For a wonderful photo-notation explaination of these Liege proof marks, see
    Argentine Remington Rolling Block Photos & Notations


    I have been told that the markings on Egyptian Remington Rolling Block
    receivers and barrels are Egyptian unit marking.

    Older style screw retained firing pin (screw in the breech block) and
    screw retained slide extractor (upper left screw).

Bottom of this Liege made Egyptian Rolling block.  Note calibre at left:  11.1mm.

Proof of Glivet of Liege, apparently the manufacturer of this particular Liege
Egyptian Remington.


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