More M1853/67 French "Tabatiere" Dragoon Rifle:







    Notes from the Owner:

    You'll note a conversion mark -- "227 B" -- on all parts relating to the conversion to tabatiere;  including some screws, on the butt stock and on the bottom of the breechblock itself.  Also, you'll note a "9BRE" in the buttstock rondel.  Can't be positive but I believe this likely refers to manufacture (or final proof/acceptance) in September of that year -- "Septembre" en francais.  Dave.

    Note from Keith Doyon:  Dave has the right idea, however I've been kindly informed and corrected that "9BRE" would be November.  Sept would be 7, Oct meaning 8 and, interestingly, December is often denoted as "XBRE"   X meaning 10 of course!  :)  The earlier months are spelled out where short, abbreviated where longer.


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