The Mle 1822/67T.bis Tabatiere conversion:

Subj:  Tabatiere M1822T / 67
Date: 02-02-11 04:05:18 EST
From: (J v Helden)
To: KeithDoyon@MilitaryRifles(.)com

Hey Keith,

As promised some pictures of my French M1822TBis transforme a tabatiere.  As you can see there is a brown patina on the rifle now, original they where bright with iron barrel bands.  I have a book in French about their regulation arms (hard to read for me, but I try to give a short translation)

It seems that these Tabatiere rifles had a bad reputation do to their large caliber and ineffective ammo.  As the French started to loose the French-Prussian war, they decided to transform the large amounts of M1822Tbis and 1842T rifles and even some AN IX flintlocks they still had in stock to the Tabatiere system.  They were used to armed the "Garde National de Paris" and the "Francs-Tireurs" to defend Paris.

The bronze blocks where easier and faster to produce.  Lots of them are transformed by Paris gunmakers like mine "Ets. Mignon et Rouhard, rue Oberkampf a Paris" (MR and the rear end of the breech block).   After the French-Prussian War they were put out of service.

I hope you can do something with this information, if you want more pics, just let me know !!

Best regards
Jos van Helden

Photos this page courtesy of Jos van Helden

Note that the lock on this model is a "conventional" forward action lock.  If you will review the photos of
the other models of Tabatiere rifles, you will note that they are all "back-action" style locks.


The bronze receiver and breech block, with the forward lock, are the notable distinguishing
charecteristics of this model of Tabatiere.



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