M1871 & M1871/88 Dutch Beaumont Bolt Assembly:

The bolt assembly pictured below is from a M1871/88 Dutch Beaumont orriginally built in 1874 with side mounted safety lever which would have been removed circa 1876.  The safety detent can still be seen just behind the bolt.  The rifle was converted to four round Vitali box magazine sometime after 1888 (already made obsolete in 1886 but the smokeless powder French Lebel and later German Commission Rifle of 1888), but no modifications were made to the bolt assembly by that conversion.




The striker is driven by a striker spring housed inside the bolt.  The same system was
utilized in the Japanese Murata Meiji 13 and Meiji 18 rifles.  Whereas most cavelry
carbine versions of military bolt action rifles featured a turned down bolt handle
(e.g., the carbine version of the German Mauser I.G. Mod 1871 Infantrie Gewere)
the bolt system of the Beaumont prevented the adoption of a turned down bolt.
Accordingly the carbine versions had straight bolts and I am told that Holland also
adopted Rolling Block carbines for its cavelry.



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