More M1871- 88 Dutch Beaumont-Vitali Pics:


    Awesome cartouches, the one illustrated above with crowned W (for King
Wilhelm III, 1849-1890) flanked by flowers,DELFT above and date 1875 at sides


This is the view of the left side of theBeaumont's unique rear sight.
The range marks on the left side shown above are "right side up" as you would expect.
But on the RIGHT side, the range marks are at 1/2 step ranges marked "upside-down"
so that if you are right handed you can set the range simply by rolling the rifle
over in your hands seeing the range marks clearly!!.

        Good view of the action as well as of the 2-piece bolt which contains the
        firing pin spring, a very simple, but not particularly strong, leaf spring.
        For a disassembled set of pics see:  Beaumont Bolt


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