M1890 Italian Vetterli-Ferracciu':

   (Drawing courtesy of Eduardo Fontenla)

GENERALLY:  (Information from Walters, Rifles of the World In 1890 a few surviving Vetterli-Bertoldos were converted to the 4-round Ferracciu' box magazine system.  The Vetterli-Bertoldo stocks were retained keeping the more massive looks of the Bertoldos, but balance was much improved.

PHOTO: The rifle shown in the drawings above is a M1890 Italian Naval Vetterli-Ferracciu, possibly converted from the M1870/82 Vetterli-Bertoldo.

FURTHER READINGS:  Armi Lunghe D'Ordinanza 1841-1890; Guida Pratica All'Identificazionne (Ordnance Shoulder Arms 1841-1890; Guide to their Identification), Massimo Pagani, Brescia, 1997,  Pg 188.



The following photographs of an actual M1890 Italian Vetterli-Ferracciu' (a rare rifle) were made possible through the warm generosity of M. Oscar Groppo:






These drawings from Armi Lunghe D'Ordinanza 1841-1890; Guida Pratica All'Identificazionne, Massimo Pagani

    Action Open --- Action closed


    Built at the Italian Armory in Venice


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