MORE M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali:

        In this view, the bolt stop key has been pulled out and the bolt removed.
    Just ahead of the loading port is visible one of the two gas vent holes; there in the
    event of a cartridge case head rupture.

    Two views of the magazine cut-off ring; above in the
repeater position, below swung to close off the cartridges
in the magazine, i.e., in the single shot position.

    View of the safety lever and rear of the case hardened receiver.

    Cartouche of a rifle built at the Torre Annunziata arms factory.

    Quite a bit of history in Cartouches on this Torino built
    M1870/87 Italian Vetterli.

        close-up views

    1870s fit, the bottom of the receiver-barrel junction, below
    the stock.


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