Possibly the elusive Japanese "Allumette" Snider conversion?

           (KD NOTE:  plug in quotes from Military Industries of Japan by Ushisaburo Kobayashi (1922))

WHO made these things originally?  (I am including the Japanese Albinis here in this question (see: Japanese Albini).  Who made the Pre-conversion muzzle loader?  A friend speculates that one possibility is that they were actually made in Belgium and are simply the equivalent of today's "Fake R-O-L-E-X!" designed to give the Japanese what they wanted but couldn't actually afford, i.e., British built guns.   So they were sold Belgian guns.  Just as likely, maybe more likely I think, is that they were simply contracted by the Japanese "from the trade" as other nations did  Your thoughts?

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            MORE Japanese "Allumette" Snider Conversion Rifle (maybe) Pics (click here)

            Japanese "Allumette" Snider Conversion (maybe) Pics Beneath the Wood





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