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       The  Remington-Rider Rolling Block No.1 Military:

The Remington company's new "rolling block" rifle was awarded the silver medal at the World Expositon in Paris in 186__, the rifle being proclaimed the "best in the world". Although the


Argentina        M1866/71 Remington
                      M1866/75 Remington
                       M1874 Remington
                      M1879 Remington (Patria)

Denmark        M1867/ and M1867/96 Remington

Egypt             M1868 Remington

Luxemburg     M18__ Remington

Norway           M1860/67 Remington
                        M1867 Remington

Papal States    M1868 Remington Pontificio

Spain               M1870 Remington
                       M1871 & 1871/89 Remington (Oviedo)

Sweden          M1867 Remington

Uruguay          M1870 Remington (Liege)


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    Common Remington "Yatagan" ("s" shaped) Bayonet