Spanish Snider "La Azpeitiana" Short Rifle:


GENERALLY:  A Spanish single shot breechloading rifle, The "Azpeitiana" rifle was manufactured during the
Carlist Wars, by one of the feuding factions. Two digits serial # 39  may indicate that only few guns of this type were ever produced. The rifle utilizes modified a Snider hinged block action.  Steel receiver. Adjustable rear sights. Sabre bayonet lug on the right side of the muzzle.  Walter describes this model as, "Version Zouavos".   A veteran of the Carlist Wars.  Overall length: 50.5 inch.

PHOTOS:  The rifle shown is a Spanish Snider "La Azpeitiana" two band Short Rifle.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  A "Snider" type action chambered in the later .43 Spanish cartridge, the breech block is considerably longer than the common .577 cal British Snider-Enfield or the 17mm Dutch Snider.  The knoxform is marked:  "La Azpeitiana".







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