M1867 & M1867/77 Swiss Peabody:

GENERALLY:  The Swiss M1867 Peabody, manufactured by Providence Tool Company in Providence, Rhode Island, was adopted by Switzerland in 1867 during Switzerland’s transition from muzzle loaders, through the interim Milbank-Amsler conversions, while awaiting refinement and adoption of the Swiss Vetterli magazine rifle.   This rifle is an otherwise standard Peabody similar to other Peabodys of the time such as the M1866 Canadian Peabody, fitted with external hammer striking the firing pin which is located in a groove along the right side of the pivoting breach block.  In 1875 the rifles were modified by altering the extractor. In 1877 the Peabodys were re-barreled with Swiss made barrels distinguished by a distinctive eight centimeter octagonal knoxform at the breach end, the breech blocks and firing pins were replaced and the forestock was replaced and/or stamped with a Swiss serial number.  These refurbished rifles are sometimes referred to as M1867/77 Swiss Peabodys.

PHOTO:   The rifle shown above is a M1867/77 Swiss Peabody, with Suiss barrel, Swiss breech block and Swiss serialized forestock.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  Peabody military rifles are not always easy to distinguish.  Please check the Peabody and Peabody-Martini page for detailed distinguishing information.  The M1867 Peabody rifle is chambered in .41 Swiss rimfire.  The left side of the receiver carries the Providence Tool Company markings and it, along with the barrel, carry Swiss proof and acceptance marks.  The distinctions between the original M1867 Swiss Peabody and the Swiss converted M1867/77 Swiss Peabody are discussed and can be seen at the link below referencing distinguishing M1867 and M1867/77 Swiss Peabodys.

MISC NOTES:  The Peabody was designed by Henry Peabody of Boston, MA, who originally designed and patented the rear-hinged pivoting breach block operated by a trigger guard lever.


Left side of the Swiss M1867 receiver showing Providence Tool Company markings

Distinctive eight centimeter octagonal knoxform with Swiss proof, acceptance
marks and Swiss Serial number on the re-barreled M1867/77 Swiss Peabody.
See link below for more details.

    .41 cal M1867/77 Swiss Peabody, top;
    .50 cal M1866 Canadian Peabody, bottom.

Distinguishing between the M1867 and M1867/77 Swiss Peabodys:




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