M1870 Swiss Vetterli Cadet Rifle:

Photos with RED background courtesy of Kristopher Gassior (www.collectiblefirearms.com)

GENERALLY:   I don't generally identify Cadet rifles on this site, the focus of the site being the standard issue rifles adopted and utilized by the various nations' armed forces and intended for front line service.  However, the M1870 Swiss Cadet is so similar to the M1870 Italian Vetterli that it would be worth pointing out its distinctiveness.

PHOTO:  The rifle shown above is a M1870 Swiss Vetterli Cadet Rifle.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  The M1870 Cadet is a Single Shot Vetterli, (all other Swiss Vetterlis, including hte carbines, are tubular magazine repeaters) and having a one piece stock (all other Swiss Vetterlis, including carbines, having two piece stocks) like the Italian Vetterli, but it differs from the single shot Italian Vetterli in that it is considerably smaller, being about ___ inches in length and weighing in at just over 7 pounds.  The rear sight ____________-  and it lacks any form of bayonet lug.



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