Unknown Rifle:  Please help me identify this rifle!

    More M1866/?? Chasspot-Conversion  ---  The ACTION parts:


The receiver, bolt and action.  The M1866 Chasspot heritage is irrefutable.

Bolt partially closed in the breech, but not fully seated nor locked.  Rifle faces to the right.

Bolt, viewed from the top, rifle would be facing to the left.
The extractor is the slotted piece with the detent of the bolt head fitted into it.

The bolt assembly as it would look partially withdrawn.

View of the bottom of the bolt, rifle would be facing to the left.

Bolt head disassembled, notice that the bolt head is freely pivoting with the assistance of a crude brass washer.
The screw locks the bolt head to the bolt body by fitting into the groove machined around the bolt head.
The lower piece is the extractor which fits along the top of the bolt and rides in __________

The cartridge is a M1867 Werndl round, which is a very close relative of the French Gras, used only for scale.
the piece fitted into the bottom of the receiver is the extractor, shown here extracting the unfired round.
Rifle facing right.

It may not be apparent, but there is a groove machined into the bottom of the receiver into which the extractor is fitted and slides to provide unlevered primary and subsequent full extraction.
Rifle facing right.

Cocking piece, serially numbered, but showing it's origin as a M1866 French Chasspot.



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